Scottish Conservatives want to scrap Communities Scotland and stage a major expansion of shared ownership through affordable housing trusts. Their chances of winning the Scottish elections are close to zero but could the plans be a signal of national policy? The Scotsman covers the issues in detail. TheRead More →

A report from Citizens Advice detailing the financial, emotional and physical impact of poverty for children has said that Britain’s poorest families are ‘cold and hungry’ and often living in inadequate housing. One in three children live in poverty in the UK and this figure is rising again. CitizensRead More →

One million homes are expected to be empty in the UK this year, despite 1.8 million Britons being on the waiting list for social housing. In 2015, there were more empty properties in the north-west of England than anywhere else in the country, with 129,073 houses lying vacant, saysRead More →

It is D-Day for Home Information Packs (HIPs) as they finally become law today, although many concerns still persist over their introduction. Fears remain that there is still a shortage of inspectors, particularly of energy assessors, which delayed the original May start date. Local authorities say they will faceRead More →

The Office for National Statistics has released its annual snapshot of life in Britain. It found there were 25 million households in the UK, with the average household numbering between two and three people, although the report highlights an increase in single-person households from 6 per cent in 1971Read More →